I was so depressed....

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default I was so depressed....

Post by Claude Tuwshreads on Fri 21 Aug - 1:52

I was so depressed after reading this story...I went out and drowned my sorrow in a bucket of chicken!


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default Re: I was so depressed....

Post by Game Nurse on Fri 21 Aug - 2:15


That is a really alarming article. Dunno if it is really true or not. I mean, as far as I can tell, they took 500 some people, half were gamers and half of THOSE were depressed. I think that a significant number of people who are depressed anyways in North America, especially with all the economy woes.

And really, over 36% of the American population is considered obese anyways (I can provide the reference for that if necessary).

The thing I found most interesting was the age. It says the average is 35, that means of course that there are as many people older than 35 playing as there are younger than 35.

And bottom line, this article OBVIOUSLY does not apply to us KNights!! After all, we are NOT antisocial! And from all the pics we have posted over the last year in the pic forum...we are a fairly good looking bunch!!!


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default Re: I was so depressed....

Post by Trytan on Fri 21 Aug - 22:01

Please save a drumstick or two for me Claude.....

Some of the stats may be true in that article but I don't like that the article seems to paint video/computer games as the problem. Someone who's overweight and out of shape is more apt to play video games as a hobby because they're more likely to be sitting around the house than hitting the gym, or running a marathon.

What is there to do if your sitting around the house? Spend quality time with the wife.... Razz ...highly unlikely, knit a new pair of socks?....fun, but how many more socks does one need? Watching TV?...sometimes there's something ok on but it amazes me that there are hundreds of more channels available nowadays but often never anything on....that leaves computer games I guess.

People that are antisocial or shy would turn to games or the net for their social fix because they don't have to deal with face to face stuff.

What it comes down to is whether your happy or not I guess. Am I fat?....maybe a little bit (I prefer the term "husky"). Beer and my wife's cooking have a lot more to do with that than video games do though.

Wow am I ever ranting and offering hardly anything tangible to this conversation.....

Anyhoo look where this study was conducted....Seattle. If I lived in a city with a name as ridiculous as that I'd be a little depressed too. Sad And come on.. this is the city that brought us the grunge movement....one of the most depressing and regrettable periods in the history of rock music. (Loved it when I was in high school....but in hind sight I miss guitar solos and men that wore lipstick and hairspray...)

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default Re: I was so depressed....

Post by Acolyte41 on Sat 29 Aug - 19:31

LMAO ahhh to be young and full of life!... yeah i still feel like nuking humanity =/

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default Re: I was so depressed....

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